Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) was decommissioned 15 June 2021. DoD365 is the department's overarching program to provide an enduring solution for on-site and remote office productivity and collaboration. DISA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and each service branch have established their own DoD365 tenant environments with different names and timelines for the implementation of features and capabilities embedded within the DoD365 environment. These timelines are based on individual requirements necessary to meet common cybersecurity and capability baselines to safeguard the DoD network infrastructure. 

Please see below for the individual tenant information. Please note that access to each portal is specific to that tenant's user group.

Links to DoD365 Tenant Portals

DISA:  DoD365 Hub
Army:  Army 365 Knowledge Hub 
Navy:  Flank Speed portal 
USAF:  AFNet Teams launch site
USMC:  MCEN Homeport
USCG:  DoD365