Commercial Virtual Remote Environment
Picture of Teams capable devices


The Department of Defense created the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment to support the Department’s move towards a large-scale telework posture in response to the COVID-19 national emergency. This new tool provides the DoD with enhanced collaboration capabilities for DoD teleworkers to facilitate continuity of operations throughout the duration of the emergency.

Review the resources here for additional guides, training materials, Q&A, and webinars on using the CVR Environment.


The CVR Environment provides a central place for unclassified virtual collaboration.
Capabilities include:
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Screen Share
  • Document Collaboration
  • Storage

How to Get Started

Still Need Help?

  • If you haven’t received a Welcome Email with your username and password, follow these steps to verify that your information is up-to-date in milConnect:
    • Access the CAC-enabled self-service portal to reset your passwords/Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and enable a disabled account.
    • Go to
    • In the top left hand corner, select 'My Profile' and then 'Update and View My Profile'
    • Select the 'CIV,' 'MIL,' or 'CTR' tab (this tab is to the right of the 'Personal' tab)
    • Check the following fields to make sure they are correct, and update as appropriate: 'Primary Personnel E-mail,' 'Duty Organization,' and 'Duty Sub Organization.'
      • Note, you must be logged into milConnect with your CAC in order to update the 'Primary Personnel Email' field
      • Note, for users with dual personas (e.g., reservists with both a .mil and .ctr persona), you should update the information associated with both persona
    • Select 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.
  • If you do not receive a Welcome Email within 48 hours of updating your data in milConnect, please contact your IT service desk to find out if your organization is using CVR; not all organizations have elected to use CVR at this time. If your organization is using CVR, your IT service desk can provide you with a username and password.
  • A list of DoD Service Desks and their contact information is located here.